Training Exercises to Increase Vertical Jump

The average vertical jump height for men is a between 41 and 50 centimeters whereas for women is between 31 and 40 centimeters. Men who can reach 60 centimeters and women who can reach 50 centimeters when performing vertical jump are regarded as very good jumpers.

Men and women who can reach more than 70 centimeters and 60 centimeters respectively are considered excellent jumpers. Some athletes can even reach more than 130 centimeters when they jump. In fact, their athletic performance is often determined by how high they can jump.

This is especially because most athletic events include vertical jump as their primary movement and because their physical strength and flexibility become evident if they can jump highly. You must try or read information about Jump Manual and (plyometric exercise). That is very use full and more trick.

Increasing Your Vertical Jump Is Important

Why is it important for you to increase your vertical jump? If you are fond of sport activities, you must already know that most of those activities require you to jump. Sometimes, you have to perform standing jump. Some other times, you can have a running approach before you jump. Standing jump is obviously more difficult than a running jump; however, your ability to do standing jump is critical especially in volleyball. If you are a defender, you have to stand still behind the net and when the ball arrives, you have to jump as high as possible.

How to Increase Your Vertical Jump

TrainingJump Manual – If you want to know how to increase vertical jump, you have to do necessary exercises to improve your vertical jump ability. Most exercises necessary to improve your vertical jump ability are plyometric exercise, which don’t require you to use complicated tools and instruments. The following are some exercises to increase vertical jump that you can perform and take advantage of.


Make your body ready to perform vertical jump exercises by warming it up. The best warm-up exercise for your session is cardiovascular exercise, like biking and jogging. Let your blood flow steadily before you begin the next exercise.


Performing jump exercise when your muscle is still stiff and inflexible can be dangerous because your rigorous workout may cause your muscle to tear and to be injured. Stretching exercise allows your muscle to be more flexible and more ready to undergo more rigorous workouts.


Jump SquatYou start this exercise by positioning your body so that your body is vertically straight and that your feet are spread shoulder width apart. Afterwards, lower your body and bend your knees until you reach squat position. To complete one rep, raise your body slowly until you reach the initial position.

Jump squat

This is similar to squat exercise, except that instead of raising your body slowly after squat position, you try to jump as high as possible.


You begin this exercise by putting one of your legs far in front of the other leg. Afterwards, you jump as high as possible while alternating the position of your legs.


The purpose of this cool-down exercise is to get your heart rate to normal. Walking on a treadmill is an effective cool-down exercise to end your session.