Medical AssistantWhat does a medical assistant do on the job? Well, a medical assistant is a very versatile job. The tasks of a medical assistant might vary widely, covering both administrative and clinical tasks on the field. A medical assistant is responsible for all the activities in the healthcare department to be running smoothly on daily basis. They should not be confused with a physician assistant, though, whose main duty is to examine, diagnose and treat patients under the supervision of a physician.

What Does a Medical Assistant Do on Administrative and Clinical Duties?

What does a medical assistant do on administrative duties and how much do medical assistants make? A medical assistant does everything a secretary might be expected to do. From answering the telephone, scheduling a patient’s appointment, updating and recording patient’s medical records, handling correspondences, arranging for hospital admission, filling out insurance forms, to keeping out the area clean and welcoming. In smaller-sized facility, a medical assistant might also have to handle billing and bookkeeping for the physician as well.

What does a medical assistant do on clinical duties? A medical assistant is expected to have enough training to perform some clinical tasks like taking medical histories, measuring and recording vital signs, explaining treatment procedures, instructing about medications, drawing blood, sterilizing medical instruments, taking electrocardiograms, removing sutures and preparing patients for x-rays. More tasks can be expected of a medical assistant depending on the experience, skill level and knowledge. The clinical side of the job varies highly depending on the state’s regulation and the physicians they work for. For example, what does a medical assistant do in a hospital might not be the same with what does a medical assistant do in a specialist’s office.

Medical Assistant

What does a medical assistant do in a specialist’s office might depend heavily on the specialty of the physician. For example, a medical assistant in a podiatric might have to be able to make feet castings and assisting in a podiatric surgery. Ophthalmic medical assistants have the extra clinical duty of measuring patient’s eye sight, giving instruction on eye medications and consulting the patients about contact lenses. The extra clinical duties should also be done in addition to the regular clinical and administrative duties, but they might be able to focus more on some specific tasks since there would be other people doing other tasks.

What Does a Medical Assistant Do in a Clinic?

What does a medical assistant do in a clinic? What does a medical assistant do in a smaller medical facility? A medical assistant working in a smaller facility like a clinic is expected to multitask with their administrative and clinical duties well. A smaller medical facility often has limited staffs. That might make the job all the more challenging with a need of higher level of skills. Additional clinical tasks like helping to carry a patient in might occur once in a while.

What Does a Medical Assistant Do with More Advanced Tasks?

In some states like Utah, there is little distinction between a medical assistant and a surgeon’s assistant. As long as there is a direct supervision by a physician, a medical assistant might be required to take a test or a course in order to be able to perform more advanced procedures. The procedures might involve taking x-rays and giving injections. Administering local anesthesia, supervising incisions, aspirating hypodermic fat, and other cosmetic procedures might also be important tasks delegated to a medical assistant. What does a medical assistant do truly depend a lot on the location, size of facility, specialty and the physicians under whom they work. Stay tune on this blog for more information about health career.